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Tough-Copter II


  • Durable body and frame for crash-resistant flying
  • Indoor/outdoor 3.5 channel with gyro stabilizer
  • Bright LED spotlight with flashing multi colored tail lights
  • Hi-lo speed control for customized flight
  • Crash-Resistant

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All too often a crashed chopper is a broken chopper. Protocol’s Tough-Copter II with Gyro is built to withstand crashes better than other helicopters! The Tough-Copter II features an extra durable frame – crucial for absorbing the punishment of rough landings and crashes. And since the best strategy for surviving crashes is to avoid them in the first place, the Tough-Copter sports 3.5 channel RC with on-board gyro stabilizer for quick response and control. A bright LED spotlight and flashing multicolored tail lights add to the excitement. Protocol’s Tough-Copter II with Gyro outperforms the others – flight after flight!