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SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebells


  • Combines function and fun for exciting and efficient workouts
  • Develops muscular strength, power and endurance while burning calories
  • Wide authentic kettlebell handles for comfort grip
  • Encased in a durable vinyl coating to help prevent floor damage
  • Color-coded by weight

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SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettlebells

Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches and rotational swings. The SPRI Kettlebells have handles designed for comfort and fully vinyl coated iron bells to help protect floors. Ideal tool for both personal and group training. Available in 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50lbs.

The Kettlebell Comeback

Although there are indications that kettlebell-like weights were used by the ancient Romans and Greeks, the word “kettlebell” first appeared in a Russian dictionary in the early 1700s. By 1948, modern Kettlebell Lifting had become Russia’s national sport. The popularity of these oddly shaped workout tools quickly spread throughout the world because of their ability to work multiple muscles and provide a total-body workout in a short period of time. SPRI’s Kettlebells are sleek, updated versions of the traditional tools. As novice users progress, they can choose products with a different size and weight distribution.

About SPRI

After pioneering the concept of rubber resistance more than three decades ago, SPRI is still considered today to be the leader in providing the fitness industry with innovative, effective, and professional-quality fitness solutions. It is because of SPRI’s dedication to offering the highest-quality products that they are considered by many of the largest gym chains and most prestigious athletic-training facilities to be the most trusted brand on the market. Millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world depend on SPRI products daily as part of their health and fitness routines, and with SPRI’s wide variety of products to choose from, there’s something perfect for every person and every fitness goal.

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